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   Our Team — Portfolio Management

  • Kathryn Riley
    Kathryn Riley

    Senior Vice President

    Kathryn Riley is responsible for portfolio management of JHRAs tax credit and community investment portfolio. This includes financial reporting, monitoring of the portfolios investment performance and investor reporting and compliance. In addition, she manages the audit and tax return process for John Hancocks Corporate Tax Credit Funds and Direct Investments.

    Prior to joining JHRA, Ms. Riley served as Portfolio Manager with First Partners Inc., where she was responsible for the portfolio analysis and the asset management of the companys corporate funds for over five years. Previously, Ms. Riley was an acquisitions officer at Boston Capital Partners.

    Ms. Riley received a B.A. degree from Boston College and a M.B.A. from New York University.

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    Mary Pangakis

    JHRA Accountant

    Mary Pangakis is primarily responsible for preparing the monthly financial statements for JHRA and AHCI and the analysis of monthly and quarterly variances. In addition, she supports the financial statement process for the John Hancock Corporate Tax Credit Funds, as well as performs day to day bookkeeping responsibilities on it's behalf.

    Prior to joining JHRA, Ms. Pangakis reported to the Senior Financial Officer of the Real Estate Finance Group. She helped prepare, review and reconcile daily transactions for three major subsidiary companies investing in real estate.

    Ms. Pangakis has been with John Hancock for over 27 years in various positions of increasing responsibility. She has an A.S. Degree from Aquinas Junior College, Newton, MA.

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    Gail Cline

    Portfolio Accountant

    Gail Cline is responsible for the accounting and reporting to administrate and service JHRA's tax credit portfolio.

    Prior to joining JHRA'S, Ms. Cline worked for First Partners, Inc. located in Boston where is was the controller for the past 7 years. First Partner's was a syndicator who now does Asset Management for it's own portfolios. Ms. Cline has over 30 years of experience in the accounting field.

    Ms. Cline is the grandmother of 5 and constantly on the go. She also has a home in Florida, which she likes to visit as often as possible.